Taxation Is Theft Yard Signs

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For presale only

You asked for 'em, and you're gonna get 'em! Here's the deal. I had a bunch of these printed up to sell at the LP convention in New Orleans in June/July 2018. We are setting up a big booth with the TiT backdrop and create an outstanding presence of the message that Taxation Is Theft.

Many of you won't be making the convention and have asked if I can send them to you. So here they are! The reason they are on presale is that I won't be able to get any of these shipped until after the convention because of some logistics that I won't get into.

So please order your yard signs now and you'll get them some time in early July. I can't guarantee that these will be available for sale after that.

If you're concerned the price is a bit high, I can tell you that 100% of all money received is reinvested into getting this message out. Not only do I not make a profit from this project, I dump a lot of my own money in. The more we sell, the more we raise, and the more we can do to get the message out. So I thank you all very much for everything you do to make that happen!