It Doesn't Mean You Weren't Robbed! - White

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Just because you got something in return, doesn't mean you weren't robbed.

It always boils down to roads. It's either "who would build them?" or "if you don't want to pay taxes, don't drive on em!"

Here are a few questions you can ask in response:

If we stopped driving on roads today, would we get back all of our taxes? Of course not, aside from the fact that most of our taxes get embezzled or spend on ridiculous waste, it was never about roads. It always has been and always will be about control. If it was just about money, they would just print it. Inflation? There is already a hidden inflation of cost by a deflation of income through taxation.

Consider a man who walks into a bank with a rifle over his shoulder. He asks politely "may i please have all the money in the valut?", and never makes any threats. The teller simply assume she is in danger by a perceived threat, so she gives him all the money. The next week, the man sends a team of men to repaint the lines in the parking lot in front of the bank. Now, not only did the bank voluntarily comply in giving the money, they received something in return and can't claim that they were robbed. If that doesn't make any sense, then you must admit that taxation is theft!