A Taco Truck On Every Corner | Behrman 2020 | Pack of 50

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America deserves a Taco Truck on every corner, and Behrman 2020 is going to give it to you! No longer will taco tracks operate in fear of being robbed by government agents, seeking to crack down on the unlicensed distribution of tacos. No longer will elitist restaurants infringe on the rights of individuals to prepare food and feed the nation. No longer will those distributing free food to the homeless be prosecuted. It's time to restore the rights and freedoms that Americans once had. We don't need government telling us what we can or can't eat. If we want tacos from a truck at 4:20 in the morning, then it is our right to eat as many tacos as we please!

These 6"x2.5" stickers come in packs of 50!