Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is taxation theft?
A: Yes

Q: Do you charge tax on the orders?
A: No. We legally avoid as much of the taxes as possible and do not add it to any of your orders.

Q: Do you accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin?
A: We do accept Bitcoin through Stripe, and we are working on a solution to accept other alt coins.

Q: How do I legally stop paying taxes?
A: We don't really like to give "advice", because getting out of the tax system can be tricky, and might take a lot of fight. At his time we are trying to bring attentin to the fact htat taxation is theft, immoral, and possibly illegal. If you would like to stop paying taxes, especially income taxes, you will need to do your own research. That said, many of our friends and customers have had success with not filing. If you have a W4 employer, some people will recommend that you claim exempt, then notify the IRS at the end of the year that the income your emmployer reported was not taxable. We have not verified that this works, and do not have the resources to help you if you want to try this. If you have successfully figured out how to not pay income taxes without retaliation from the IRS, we are happy to share your story.